community presentation series

★the next community presentation series was supposed to be in march2020 & is being organized by coco klockner for a later date tbd★

tbd: coco klockner & suneil sanzgiri

december2019: vijay masharani & benjamin krusling & sara jane stoner

august2019: stewart bird & tessa bolsover

★at it's most rudimentary, this presentation series is about sharing your passions with those you share space with. when stewart (bird) & i were first fleshing out what this would be, our initial phrasing was to create a structure for our friends to just go off about what they're into.
★this, for me at least, has evolved into something more complex. within the context of societal disarray, what i come back to again & again, is the need for an embedded collective self-interest. sharing with each other, and learning from each other feels like a stepping stone in this. it's a process of care.
★it feels necessary to process life together, and to form an entangled & complex community for ourselves that, at it's foundation, is invested in communal flourishing. we all share this messy world, and our futures are bound together.
★the space that we're hosting the series at, the ear, has historically hosted many fluxus artists & their happenings. happenings were participatory, performative events (mainly associated with john cage, who was a regular patron/performer at the ear), that explored negative space. the organizing of negative space is just as agential as the organization of bodies & objects. we get to make decisions about who & what we share space with. we get to decide how close our bodies are to each other. we get to construct our negative spaces.